Journal – Glory – Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

It’s 11:00 PM on a Friday and I am not close to being done with what I need to finish this week for me to consider success. I am extremely grateful for the fruits of my labor.  I am grateful because I did what I could with what I had, and I did it for glory, for the greater glory of God.

On my long run Sunday (~22 miles), I was listening to “Breath Sweeps Mind” and was reminded of the nature of reality – of the absolute and relative. Whatever have thought, spoke, and done was relative phenomenon that is gone.  Whatever I will think, speak, and do will also come and go.  What I am thinking, speaking, and doing is who I am. The only thing that is absolute is the Universe in which I have been born into and eventually will die.

As a believer, I reconcile the concepts of “ri” (Absolute) and “shu” (Relative) very simply. God is the greater absolute, and I am just a relative phenomenon. I have come into being as a manifestation of God’s will. Of the great painting of the Universe that God paints, sometimes I am the paint brush, and sometimes the paint. Who I am and what I do, now and today becomes part of this grand design in the mind of God.

As long as I am aware that I am not “it,” I can live, struggle, fail, succeed, make, break, create, and destroy for the greater glory of God. Having that in the forefront of my thoughts gives me a strength of unimaginable force. With this force, I can fight negative thoughts that arise from my own mind, from others I know, from distractive and destructive sources that peck at my vision.

When I was a student at Georgetown University , I encountered this phrase many times as I walked around our beautiful campus. I didn’t quite understand what it meant eve though I had studied Latin for five years in middle and high school.

Ad maiorem De gloriam inque hominum salutem

The phrase roughly translates to “for the greater glory of God and the salvation of man.”

I don’t work for the glory of God, because I am strong.

I am strong because I work for the glory of God.

With this mindset, I have to try even harder. I have to strive for excellence as a habit because if I don’t, there is none. Working for the “common good” is a great start in my opinion, but the “greater glory of god and the salvation of man” is a greater good. I am not a Jesuit, and I am not going to be one, but I’m glad that I have found a calling that lets me align myself with the ultimate good.

When I meditate every day to examine my vision, my purpose, my mission in the context of this ultimate good, sometimes I feel that I am not doing enough. I am not satisfied with my daily discipline but then I don’t think I’ll ever be, as long as I continue to perfect the “better hour” or the “better day.” There’s always room for improvement. I am satisfied with the effort that I was able to expend and the results that came from the exhaustion.

Yesterday, I started a proposal to seek SBIR funding for “An approach for ranking concepts and knowledge in documents and databases,” which I think will catalyze knowledge creation in dissemination in today’s world of information overflow by introducing a mechanical approach to rank concepts for people trying to learn advanced topics. I need to finish a first draft of the proposal so that my advisors, mentors, and peers can review and give me feedback.

Today, we had an amazing group of people come and interact with our team this morning at our company’s first public “Coffee & Bagels” event. At some point I’ll need to thank them individually because they helped make the event a success.

Tomorrow, we have several entrepreneurs come to learn a little about our firm’s modern enterprise approach to building “lean companies” through an immersive “Concept to Creation” workshop. I am prepared, but I need to practice. I also need to figure out which room in our office to fit everyone comfortably and setup a projector.

This weekend, I need to finish my Weekly Phoenix Goals. My Phoenix goals for the week, which include an Anant, Client, and Mastery goal is how we Focus, Prioritize, and Improve our firm. This is how we “Master Service in the Service of Others.” (Video). Since I hold everyone else in the firm accountable to the same weekly discipline of setting and meeting objectives, I need to make sure I do my part.

It’s 11:55 PM on a Friday and I am not close to being done with what I need to finish this week for me to consider success. I am glad I took a moment to reflect and write this, because maybe it’ll help you understand your relative purpose in the absolute reality.


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