Letter – Happpy Labor Day – Thank you Team Anant

​​Team Anant, (Originally written to the team, and posted on asitchanges)

Most of the American citizenry is taking a day off to relax, yet there are many folks that I know are working. Myself included, there are others at the firm that are working today. Thank you.  As we come to the close of the third quarter of the financial year, I want to take a moment and acknowledge our progress as a team.

Focus  – Zen
Our firm takes a counter-intuitive but proven method to determining the direction of our firm. Every year we decide what not to do so that we can focus on what we are good at and get better at it. After an extensive customer discovery process for Products & Services, this year we decided to focus our Products & Services yet again. Unlike previous years, we made this decision mid year. There was no need to wait until our end of year Leadership & Management Summit to determine whether this was the right decision. Our decision was bolstered by countless hours of customer discovery interviews conducted by our team members as well as a group of apprentices that joined us over the summer.

Priority – Yusen
As we begin the last financial quarter of the year, our priorities are to continue to serve our clients while building a commercially scalable universal enterprise search for small businesses everywhere.

  1. Services
    Our Anant brand will continue to provide Client, Managed, and Support services to our clients that need help solving problems and maintaining complex systems that need our in-depth expertise in information Portals, enterprise Search, and software Integration.
  2. Products
    Our upcoming universal enterprise search suite KonoTree consisting of our frameworks Appleseed Portal, Search, and Base now at Alpha release has a road map to a public release in 6-12 months.
  3. Sites
    We are re-orienting our firm’s brands to orbit around our expertise and also committed to creating knowledge portals which we hope will not only showcase our expertise in making knowledge easier to find and use, but also become invaluable tools for our clients and potential clients that want to learn more about the subjects of Internet Architecture and Modern Entrepreneurship.

Improve – Kaizen
All those we have worked with, continue to work with, and some that we hope to work with know that we are committed to continuous improvement here at Anant. After reviewing our own firm’s needs we know that we have a long way to go in order to support our existing Service clients as well as future Product customers and subscribers. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made.

  1. Leadership & Management
    With the help of one of our clients with experience in Education as well as a few apprentices, we have created a curriculum for for our team in all of our responsibility areas. We are subsequently implementing leadership / professional development plans for select members of the firm before we roll it out to everyone else. This is how we implement change in our company: First a few, then everyone else.
  2. Sales & Marketing
    We have engineered a well oiled sales process and have harvested hundreds of thousands of contacts through some of our automated tools and the help of our summer apprentices. We will start executing a focused direct sales campaigns in the areas we feel we have the most impact and that can result in more business in the long run.
  3. Research & Development
    As we were approaching our August public demo of our KonoTree software, we streamlined the future of all our frameworks into a singular roadmap. Although Appleseed Portal, Search, and Base frameworks are complete products in themselves, they exist primarily to help deliver scale for third party configuration and customization when we release KonoTree as a Software as a Service, and in the future as a Platform as a Service. Our software architecture empowers us to empower future third party channel and distribution partners.
  4. Products & Services
    Our Services now fall under one of three categories of Client, Managed, or Support services. Product frameworks represent the three main expertise areas of our services. Collectively the Product frameworks and framework components constitute our flagship suite: KonoTree.
  5. Finance & Accounting
    Over the summer our apprentices helped mock up a few different dashboards and created models for us to correlate activities, leading, and lagging metrics from across the firm. We are looking forward to an integrated real time sales demand and financial model that will help us make better financial decisions as the company grows.
  6. Operations & Infrastructure
    We are streamlining our Client, Managed, and Support services to become sets of well executed and repeatable processes that will become the “White Glove” component of our KonoTree subscriptions for our customers that need help above and beyond what they can do themselves on our platform or through the help of third parties.

Most businesses fail within the first year. As we bring home the last quarter of our financial year, our firm will be turning 4. It is no small part because of you.

Thank you again for your hard work and commitment. We have been through tough times together. We have all at different times lost sleep to deliver on promises we make to our clients and sometimes the public. We have humbled our self to constructive criticism from within and without. We have been fortunate – not just because of chance – but because of preparation and discipline of our team members during years past: Because of you.

In service,

Rahul Singh | Chief Executive Officer 


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