I’m Rahul Xavier Singh. I want to bring the best knowledge and the best professionals together to serve the world’s businesses.

Here are my main work projects.

Cassandra.Link – The World’s Best Knowledge Base on Apache Cassandra

Most data practitioners are overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge they need to be proficient with Cassandra so we curated an authoritative knowledge base on Cassandra with hand picked links, jobs, and experts to help them throughout their journey to mastery.

Anant, Data Platforms based on Cassandra, Spark, Kafka  

Most technology leaders have a hard time retaining the experts to help them build and manage global data platforms because of the high costs of specialized talent so we created a training program for their teams and a network of trained specialists on our framework that are available on a full, part, or on a project by project basis.

The Platform Playbook

Having seen the same issues at several clients that are trying to implement “real-time” technologies, I am writing a playbook that describes principles to design, build, and manage global data & analytics platforms.

The Modern Enterprise (Course)

I’m developing an internal curriculum based on my Platform Playbook to train the next generation of Modern Enterprise Remote Consultants at Anant.

While I’m not working on these projects at Anant, I’m working for clients, learning, teaching, and communicating at my firm. When I’m not working, I’m also helping my wife and a few of my friends with their blogging projects.